Business Run From The Ego, Can Never Respect Its Employees


A great conscious business is only successful through respecting its individual employees and so to become the expansion and support of their greatness, requires the focus, presence and respect in the quantum levels within the business owner. Business run through the addiction of ego, can never respect its employees, they are chattels, objects and can very quickly become the collateral damage in the all consuming need to acquire material gain over quality, honesty and integrity.

You are the architect and alchemist of your external experiences, all projected as the reflection of the belief you hold about yourself. The artificial intelligence of ego will always look to survive through time based thoughts of past or future, in self defining and false perceptions. The ego must always be right, it is in constant survival mode and suspicion, jealousy, criticism and all forms of narcissistic behaviour patterns are its fuel to feed on.

You experience the magnitude of your magnificence when you open full presence awareness. Here is the experience of truth, the aliveness of stillness, where all obstacles fall away and the deep knowing opens up that you are the space in which everything exist, the power of life itself, through the driving force of love. Here there are no lies, sarcasm or disrespect, none of the symptoms of addiction that people use to confuse the truth.

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