Money’s Highest Expression is Spiritual, the Energetic Transmutation of Abundance


When society seeks to keep your focus on the external world of the bigger picture, the material gain, it does so to take your focus off turning the other way and focusing within. This is done so you lose sight of yourself, the you beyond the sum of the body, the truth of all you are. It keeps you perpetuating the illusion of self defining and false perceptions that create endless cycles of suffering.

All external focus especially on the illusion of financial wealth, will create obstacles to your true innate abundance. Everything is energy and the truth is that money is energy. Money on the external, physical projection is the lowest expression, the lower frequency. It is when you move to your internal presence that the source of money and financial wealth open. Money at its highest expression is spiritual, the energetic transmutation of abundance. Once you let go of the ego’s illusions that cause you to fear money or convince yourself you are in lack, you begin to realize the energy of money, that this energy, this abundance is part of the oneness you are as consciousness.

The change from fearing money to welcoming the energy of money, that is already what you are, creates the reflection in your external experiences. It takes strength and courage to move yourself from reacting and becoming fully into presence awareness. It requires being the witness and watcher to your thought mind and trusting the strength of your vulnerability to recognize the ego’s fuel. In this presence you dissolve the ego and begin to open the freedom of your truth.

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