Effortless and Choice-less Awareness are How You Take Back Control from the Addiction of the Ego.


The only person, who can decide, create and transmute your values and truth into the external world, is you. Steady determination, effortless and choice-less awareness are how you take back control from the time based addiction of the ego. Becoming mind-empty is the greatest opening to presence awareness and in this moment the choice is yours to make.

The energetic communication you make and transmutation is given life through your presence and belief in all that you are in this infinite moment When you allow yourself to be controlled by the unconscious, default, artificial intelligence that is ego, the illusion controls you. The self doubt, believing you are worthless, invisible or failure then reflects as your external experiences.

When you begin your energetic communication within, feel through your intuition, trust and consciously bring alertness to present moment, the very real epigenetic processes happening from your internal environment creates the transmutation in your external environment. You take back all power to create from the your purpose and values, serving your highest truth and opening you back into the power of life itself.

© Edel O’Mahony

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