Challenging Relationships-the Physical Reflection of Your Internal Beliefs


Challenging relationships, whether business, family or intimate, that you experience are reflecting and guiding you to what false perceptions you believe of yourself. Your internal environment is created from these beliefs, which projects the physical reflection in external experiences always mirroring the internal.

In any relationship challenge, to observe its reflection and allow the strength of your vulnerability to recognize the core time based thoughts, that the addiction of ego is controlling you with, allows you to dissolve the ego’s hold. The recycling of illusional thoughts can be identified through emotional reaction. The ego knows your triggers and uses your reacting as fuel to feed on.

By focusing on the internal work required within you in identifying those triggers creates the letting go of self definitions. This opens the space for the self realization of the love and honour for yourself, this creates the change in your beliefs and becomes reflected in your external environment, as those who love and honour you.

© Edel O’Mahony

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