Your Experiences are the Reflection of Your Beliefs, Energetically Transmuted


Your beliefs create the projected perception as your reality. Your experiences are the reflection of your beliefs, energetically transmuted. When you are consumed in thoughts of past or future, which are only electrical impulses, you are producing fuel for the ego to feed on. Consistent addiction to time based thoughts then become your beliefs which are wholly incongruent with your highest truth. Your cells then respond to the illusional beliefs.

Challenging experiences are your guide and meaning to your incongruence with living the full presence of your truth and highest purpose. They are a necessary element of duality for growth and remembrance, as without them you are not aware of the contrast, you do not allow yourself to feel the space of the ‘knowing’.

The evolving from these experiences, comes through observation of your reflection in them and using this to delve deep and discover those false perceptions still being run by the artificial intelligence that is ego. Changing your external experiences, can only come from the change within yourself. A unique experience only you can choose to express.

© Edel O’Mahony

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