What They Tried to Stop You Knowing About Meditation

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For those who follow my work, you will know I am all about truth, knowledge and awareness. I cannot give space or attention to those delivering false perceptions of ‘seeking’ spirituality, especially when they are incongruent with their message and have not or do not live the ‘truth’ they speak of.

For millennia we have witnessed this mis perception through religion, governments and media in an attempt to keep populations dumbed down and distracted. Why would agents who are purportedly there acting for our well being do this? Plain and simply…control. When knowledge is prevented and fear and uncertainty instilled, you have the perfect conditions for control.

We can go back centuries and see the immense mis perception and false information put out regarding those who chose Pagan beliefs, belief in the natural energies of the earth and cosmos ( and I bet even now some of you reading this will still be in the conditioning of raising your eyebrows at the mention). The corruption of those in power and religion fed the masses with tales of devil worship and possessions or black magic, to such an extent it became a belief based in fear, a conditioned hysteria if you will, which in time led to hundreds of thousands of innocent people being tortured, burned and killed.

Come forward to a short time ago as the 1960s -70s and those who rallied for peace where given names, which again was part of the conditioning to avert the public to the real truth. So the ‘hippies’ or ‘flower people’ would just get raised eyebrows, sneers and dismissal. We then saw the emergence of other control names to avert attention, such as ‘woowoo’ or ‘new agers’.

It hasn’t stopped there. The scaremongering and divergence continued to any practice of natural healing and medicine. Any verified cures using the frequency of the body , Dr Royal Raymond Rifeis a very powerful example of this, when in the 1920s he had verified trials of 100% cure rates of cancer, which were confiscated, trash and subsequently destroyed along with Rife himself. In fact any practice that would bring the public’s attention to the restorative power within them, has been constantly and deliberately undermined, maligned and vilified as false.

WHY? Why has so much time, effort and energy been given to convincing the world populations that natural energy and energetic communications are a lie? The old adage ‘Tell a lie to conceal a lie’ springs to mind. Those who falsely believe they hold the power have used this to constantly divert attention. In social conditioning the public never gets to know real knowledge and truth, as knowledge is power!

Although so many instinctively knew what they felt about their natural energy was right, so many practiced natural raising of cellular frequency, homeopathy and energy work in secret , they did not know the science behind how these natural practices worked and as we all know, if science verifies something it MUST be true!

So we come to what they tried to stop you knowing about meditation.

Meditation has been termed over centuries as a spiritual practice ( see again the label to divert attention). Deemed as a means of quiet contemplation and a way to connect with your inner being, your divinity if you will.

What they tried to stop you knowing is that meditation IS the creation process.
Now we have the scientific verification of what processes happen when you meditate and how this is creating your reality.

The Science of Meditation






Let me know run through the science of meditation with you, bearing in mind I am not defined as a scientist, however I personally, consciously apply this information in my own meditation creation with staggering results.

We have irrefutable evidence from such eminent cellular biologists as Dr Bruce Lipton and brain doctors such as Dr Jill Bolte Taylor that our cells take their signal from our beliefs.

The electrical impulses caused in this process are our first remnants of a vision come into being. This happens in the frontal lobes of the brain, involved in movement, decision-making, problem solving, and planning.

Again through electrical impulses, the belief process is sent to your thalamus, a mass of grey matter cells that relay sensory signals to and from the spinal cord and the cerebrum, a reality processor. It is the thalamus that dictates to the brain what it thinks is going on in the external world, so creates the by product of thought.

From the thalamus there are different areas of the brain that can get fed the information. Firstly it could send the electrical impulse thought to the occipital lobes, positioned at the back region of the cerebral cortex and are the main centres for visual processing. So this is where you can visualise what it is you desire to bring into the external world.

These impulses are then sent to your parietal lobes (either directly from your thalamus or via the occipital lobes), here is the most crucial element of the whole process. It is in the parietal lobe that an artificial construction of who you are is created. Your belief and thought come together here and create – the projected perception of your reality, in your external world.

Now there is a whole lot more going on in processes at the same time, I am just covering the very basic science here to bring you an awareness and knowledge of why then, your meditation becomes so powerful.

So, you have the brain functionality, let us now look at combining this with meditation and how it applies.






As I have created the Path of the Peaceful Warrior Meditation Programme, let me take you through the processes and how this works with the brain functionality.

What we also know through scientific research is that positive belief and thought trigger a much higher level of brain activity, impulses and secretions then negative belief and thought.

Meditation Process

As you may be aware there are a myriad of meditation processes available, no one is right or wrong, it is what aligns with you and your internal energy that matters. I spent many years trying various meditations, primarily to stop mind chatter which seems to be the biggest challenge for most people taking up and sticking with meditation. This led me to creating a three step process (the power of 3) in deep breathing, harmonic meditation and energetic, emotional release technique.

In each part it involves visualising a deep connection with the earth, using harmonic tones at each chakra whilst reciting certain commands in your head. I take my clients into a communication with every cell, molecule and atom of the body, visualising them and commanding them into pure and natural health. There are different commands for each of the chakras, which initially begin with the re-enforcing of the clients absolute abundance, their unconditional love and life wealth. This then moves onto the body organs and functionality restoration. Following this is the awakening and awareness of the connection to all through understanding the energetic communication in constant motion, created from the inside out. It finishes with a powerful technique of recognizing and accepting vulnerability, through the witnessing of illusional negative emotional thoughts of the past and future, created by the artificial intelligence of ego still being held onto at cellular level. In the accepting and surrendering, they can then be energetically released.

Now, through this 3 step process, is the powerful creation of new beliefs, as the focus is on the clients vision of living with passion and purpose. We now know that our beliefs go to the frontal lobes, are sent to the thalamus, creating the thought. Onto the occipital lobes and to the parietal lobes, where the projection of our perception of reality is created.

On an energetic level, we know that our external world is the reflection of our internal beliefs. What you believe about yourself will transmute energy into external experiences and opportunities, as the electrical processes that happen in the brain and throughout the body create your resonating frequency. This will always transmute into a mirroring frequency in your external world.

When you allow meditation to become your way of life, where you spend 30 – 40 minutes a day in contemplation, connection and meditation, you begin to consciously create the new projection of your perception of reality. This projection becomes very real through the transmutation of experiences and opportunities in your external environment.

You have always held the power to create your reality.

This has however been kept from your knowledge and perception to keep you dumbed down and controlled.

Now you know the secret…

What are you going to do with it?

Untangling the Myth – Where Science and Spirituality Meet‘ has all the processes in place to allow you to do this.

Edel O’Mahony Media provides monthly online video and audio issues to assist with your internal journey of enquiry and moving to a stress free life.




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9 Responses to “What They Tried to Stop You Knowing About Meditation”

  1. Tereza December 12, 2012 at 12:56 am //

    So many things to learn from one post! Great one!


  2. Sharon O'Day December 12, 2012 at 2:36 am //

    Edel, this is such a well-developed presentation of the power of meditation … I don’t remember ever reading one like it. Thank you for investing the time to do it … and for sharing it with us!


  3. Edel December 22, 2012 at 7:26 pm //

    Thank you so much Sharon! I just felt the importance of the science in meditation needed to be shown. Meditation IS your creation process! Anyone really serious about consciously creating their life must bring in meditation as a way of life. 🙂


  4. Edel December 22, 2012 at 7:27 pm //

    Thank you Tereza!
    I try to be mindful not to overload people with information and at the same time bring as much truth, knowledge and awareness! lol! 🙂


  5. Edel December 22, 2012 at 7:28 pm //

    Yes indeed it is Carly! It IS the creation process! 🙂


  6. Andrew Szabo (The Marketing Chef) February 23, 2013 at 11:35 pm //

    Excellent articulation on the power of meditation in the creation process and our ability to change beliefs and thereby the reality we perceive things through.


  7. Edel March 11, 2013 at 6:16 pm //

    You are most welcome Andrew! Very honoured by your words. Meditation IS the creation process, it is the place where we know ourselves as the Divine Consciousness we are, where we feel the certainty of abundance from formless to form, By ‘consciously’ bringing our ‘truth’ through our values and vision into solid belief, we project the same as our perception of reality. 🙂



  8. Joseann March 26, 2013 at 8:25 pm //

    Interesting post. I am just wondering about this:…that our cells take their signal from our beliefs. How do you locate a belief for knowing that? I am sure that cells can take signals from beliefs, if we have beliefs. But I am also sure they can take signals from anywhere else in the Universe. The question I have is: is meditation a special process to create our beliefs = does it only work for beliefs? Or: if we didn’t have beliefs, where would signals come from then? And: if we don’t meditate, we don’t create our beliefs, right?


    • Edel March 27, 2013 at 10:45 am //

      Great question Joseann. Through my own extensive learning, growing and evolving I have come to the awareness (and this is felt by many more on their own enlightenment journey) that beliefs come from our values, what we hold and will not compromise for others. Our values are known to us through the communication of intuition, which in itself is the bridge between the consciousness we are in formless, to the physical construct as our bodies.

      We are consciousness projecting into this lower density holographic, illusional programme of a physical realm, that we as consciousness created, in order to have an experiential journey through, to know ourself as consciousness. Each ‘construct’ within the programme (beit animal, vegetable, mineral) is a facet of the same consciousness. Everything is interconnected oneness and through dualistic experiences we witness the fullness of ourselves.

      In the human constructs we can witness this process through the physiological processes that go on in the brain as mentioned in the article and the whole process coming from belief which is brought through values, through intuition which is us as consciousness communicating.

      So beliefs are always created whether you meditate or not, however the purity of the programme became corrupted a long time ago (and this is why the new age of enlightenment has emerged, to purify the programme once again) and control and conditioning created a fear based reality which has caused so much low density war, hate, depression etc within societies. These negative experiences create negative emotional memories, which get trapped at cellular level and also get passed from mother to child through generations, which subsequently ‘misinterpret’ the intuition communication into a fear based belief. This then leads to ‘reacting’ through experiences which only serves to keep people within a fear based cycle.
      Meditation is creation. It is through meditation that the purity of the intuitive communication is known. Through meditation ‘truth’ is known and we understand that our vulnerability is our strength. Using this to accept, acknowledge and release the negative emotional memories we allow pure and natural health and efficient body functions. We also come back into our conscious creating, as meditation can be, if used correctly, the most powerful process to consciously project out our perception of reality that we choose to create, not one we react to.

      All we need to do is to wake up and remember what we truly are and why we are here and that is what I am helping to guide people with. 🙂