Developing Wealth Consciousness

Developing a ‘wealth consciousness’ is the starting point of all abundance. Becoming financial, spiritually or emotionally successful in your belief, long before you achieve it in your reality is the essence of abundance.
Poverty or riches are the result of what you believe and the most important single step you ever take on the road to wealth and financial independence is the decision to change your beliefs, to create in your mind an unshakable belief that you can and will achieve your wealth vision. This foundation has to happen before energy can transmute to attract wealth opportunities flowing to you.
It’s fascinating, the stories of successful men and women and how they made and lost their fortunes, and then made them over again.
Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill is the epitome of wealth consciousness, explaining that every successful person had suffered defeat (and some many times) but were not DEFEATED because they held the irrefutable belief, they were already successful and wealthy, finally understanding what is meant by a wealth consciousness.
There are various principles out there on the long search for the secrets of health, happiness and great personal wealth. Through my own evolvement I have found two fundamental principles are at work and they are:
Everything that you are or ever will be, is a result of how you use your beliefs. The entire human world that you see is simply an expression of energy frequency; your entire life is matching of the frequency of your beliefs. The quality of your self worth determines the quality of your life, if you improve the honour you have for yourself, you must, inevitably improve the quality of your life.
It is scientifically proven that your cells take their signal from your beliefs, this is transmitted through your body and determines the frequency you resonate out. Energy will always attract back the same frequency in experiences and opportunities.
The second principle is – Be grateful for your desires, as if they are already here. Whatever you believe with certainty (as a positive or negative) becomes your reality. When you confidently believe you are succeeding, when you are grateful you are already living your wealth, moves you into high frequency.
Believe in being wealthy, in all its forms, then applying your talents and abilities through synchronising to opportunities that are attracted to you, will naturally bring the flow of wealth to you.
What it does, is give you a positive optimistic attitude that raises your body frequency and not only attracts high frequency experiences, it will cause people to desire to help you and will cause things to happen the way you desire them to happen.
Two things you can do immediately to put these principles in your daily life are:
1. Start believing today in a positive, optimistic, confident way about your financial, spiritual and emotional wealth. Be grateful that you now live your unstoppable wealth. You are now starting the development of a wealth consciousness.
2. Develop your personal attitude of your desires already with you. Appreciate your day to day experiences, seeking the good in every situation.
Be positive and cheerful about whatever happens to you, confident in the knowledge you are creating your wealth reality in every second and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

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