From single parent of 4 children to global Spiritual Scientist.
From working as a corporate accountant to working with Hollywood film producers, platinum selling singer/songwriter, TV and Film special effects producer and rock legend guitarist in less than eighteen months.
Through a lifetime of asking ‘why’, Edel finally understood –

  The power of present moment awareness

When you understand the scientifically verified processes to all spiritual, magical and energetic practices, you understand how you naturally ‘consciously’ create every experience in your life.
Be assured, spiritual and magical processes are as real as science and energy.
Edel is a gifted Spiritual Scientist, providing solutions to the unsolved, yet very real challenges of low self esteem, conditioned false fear based perceptions and self definitions. Having pioneered the use of many powerful processes which are now utilized everyday by people from all walks of life, Edel has successfully brought about positive life changing results for drug addicts, alcoholics, chronic pain sufferers as well as those creating conscious change in all business arenas. Edel’s passion and expertise are especially and perfectly matched for her work within corporate, holistic and entertainment industries.

Edel O’Mahony’s passion is bringing truth, knowledge and awareness of what we really are – Everything beyond the sum of the body, conscious awareness expressing in transitory, illusionary projections that we call life, to experience, express and know ourselves in the oneness of consciousness.

Her work is to guide others, to wake up and move out of reacting within the programming of the artificial intelligence that is ego, to becoming the observer, witness and watcher through all their life experiences and contrasts, with all of her guidance backed up with verified, scientific facts.

Edel guides you to fearlessly live your truth

Edel assists you to overcome social conditioning and experience true internal peace.

Conscious Creation – Energetic Communications – Life Change

But, what if you’re ‘in lack’ right now and every way you turn it all seems too much of a struggle?
When you take responsibility to take back control of your life experiences, this has to be a full, holistic approach which requires the internal work to be done as priority, with corresponding attention given to the existing external environment. One cannot be effective, without the other and Edel has created the full spectrum of services encompassing the full holistic approach and solution.

Many experts say you only have to have the right thoughts and your desires appear. But these experts are missing a crucial thing. The scientifically verified physiological processes that happen in the brain.

Thought is a by product of belief

When you rely on thought, you’re not talking energy’s language, you are being controlled by the shadow ego.

You see, energy doe not hear words… it feels frequencies. So talking gets you nowhere as energy is ‘feeling’ what you are resonating.
You see, your beliefs determine the frequency you resonate out, this is a scientific fact. Energy will always transmute the same frequencies into experiences and opportunities. The ego cannot survive in present moment awareness, it uses thoughts of past and future to create the fuel in you to feed itself on. When you begin the practice of present moment awareness, the ego begins to dissolve and the truth of you emerges clear and bright.

Believe in your value and worth, your abundance will reflect in your external experiences.

For example, if you’re sending out a message day by day about ‘wanting’ money, love or a new job. Well guess what? Because you’re projecting out a belief of ‘wanting’ you’re going to get ‘wanting’ back…not having.

So what Edel does is guide people in:

  • How to communicate in energy’s language.
  • Showing you how to understand your frequency
  • How to begin the practice of present moment awareness, releasing the hold of the ego that cause most of the major resistance to abundance flowing

You move up to and maintain high frequency, when you live your truth., when you live by your values, vision and passion. Through Edel’s challenging life experiences, they brought the learning and awareness which allowed her to create the services and product that enable you to do just that, here are just a few services Edel offers for you:

So why put up with not living the life you desire for a single day longer than is necessary?
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